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What is the Advanced Coaching Skills Programme?

The Advanced Coaching Skills Programme is a three day intensive coaching skills training.  This programme has been externally endorsed by ILM, which means that the certificate you receive upon completion of the course is externally validated, on the basis of the quality of the content and delivery of the coaching skills programme.

The Advanced Coaching Skills Programme is a competency based qualification, which ensures that you will be taught competences which meet (at minimum) the basic levels of competence that would be expected of a coach starting out in the industry.

The training takes place over three days (two sequential days) and a further day 6 weeks later.  Upon completion of the three days training, you will submit a written assessment that meets ILM benchmark criteria.  You will be expected to work with a minimum of one ‘coachee’ during this period, for at least 6 sessions.  In addition to the three days training, you will have a 1:1 coaching supervision session with a qualified coach, where you will present a live recording of a coaching session, and receive formative feedback, to enhance your skills practice.

Once your written assignment has been assessed, you will receive your ILM Endorsed certificate in “Advanced Coaching Skills”, and you are then qualified to begin coaching independently!  Although the course consists of three days of taught coaching skills, expect your commitment to the coach training process to last at least three months.

Why would I choose Nine Coaching as my coach training provider?

The philosophy of Nine Coaching is to create an open learning environment that is dynamic and stimulating, within an atmosphere of safe experiential exploration. A unique feature of Nine Coaching training is that, in contrast with many other coach training providers, training numbers are kept low. Therefore, as a delegate of the Advanced Coaching Skills programme, you will never be in a group of more than 6. This philosophy allows you to receive a highly individual, intense & attentive learning experience.

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How & What will I learn during an Advanced Coaching Skills Programme?

To ensure quality, and in contrast with many other coach training providers you will never be in a training group with more than six delegates. This is a unique feature of the Nine Coaching Advanced Coaching Skills Programme. Furthermore, you will also receive 1:1 supervision of a live coaching session (which is presented as an audio/ visual recording) in addition to your three days training.

The course is delivered over three full days. The programme consists of direct teaching, experiential personal development exercises, and coaching skills practice (to include practice between training sessions). The training will take place over two sequential days, with a follow up day a few weeks later. This allows reflective learning to take place between sessions, and provides you with the opportunity to undertake additional skills practice.

How will my coaching competence be assessed?

Coaching is a competence and skills based activity. The purpose of the Advanced Coaching Skills programme  is to ensure that learners meet the following essential learning outcomes, in order to demonstrate competence & skills that are recognised within the coaching industry:

LO1.                To work ethically & safely in managing the boundaries of coaching

LO2.                To enhance existing communication skills to develop a coaching relationship that focuses upon meeting the needs of the coachee

LO3.                To gain understanding of theoretical frameworks to guide the coaching process

LO4.                To increase self awareness to enhance the effectiveness of coaching delivery

Where does the three day training take place?

Currently, cohorts are delivered in the North West England area. However, there are plans to extend the training throughout the UK.  Please contact Nicola to find out more.

“I found Nicola’s style approachable and professional and conducive to learning.  She inspired me to learn more and was always supportive and helpful.  This was apparent on the training days in group work and also in my co-coaching sessions.  I have found her knowledge and expertise on coaching to be extremely valuable and she is a truly gifted teacher.  I would recommend her training and coaching to anyone who is embarking on a coaching journey – she has inspired me to be a coach as a career path I had not thought was possible!!! “

Professor Debra King, Consultant Physician, (April 2014)

Who is this workshop for?

Find out if this course is best for you or your organisation
  • The three day coach training programme aims to equip individuals working in an organisational context with the necessary level of skill and theoretical knowledge to ethically and competently deliver coaching interventions within their organisation.  The beauty of this training is that it is not role specified, and therefore is suitable for any nominated individuals within your organisation to be trained in advanced coaching skills. This training can benefit managers, team leaders and supervisors, and has also been delivered to Senior Consultants in NHS settings.

    Please contact me to find out more.

Interested in the course?

Please fill out the form to let Nicola know. 

You will need to complete a booking form and pay the £80 ILM Registration Fee (non refundable)  in order to secure your place.

Who would benefit from attending the programme?

You are not required to have any pre-existing coaching skills or experience to undertake the Advanced Coaching Skills Programme, but it may help you to attend the Nine Coaching Masterclass, as this will help you to discover if you would benefit from advanced coaching skills training, and will give you some foundational knowledge. However, there are no pre-existing entry requirements. 

Those who have already undertaken this programme have been Consultants (Doctors), Nurses, Complementary Therapists, Athletes, Small Business Owners & others who are looking to change the direction of their career.

As coaching is a skills and competency based industry, this qualification has not been designed to be attributed to a particular academic level. Instead, you are assessed on the competence of your coaching skills and knowledge, and your ability to demonstrate how you put these into practice.

If you are a therapist or an allied health professional, there is a bespoke Advanced Coaching Skills Programme which has been specifically designed for those who already have well established therapeutic listening & responding skills.  Should you undertake this bespoke programme you can be sure that you are getting added value, as the training will not re-visit skills that you are using on an everyday basis. Instead, the programme will encourage you to develop your skills to an advanced level, and enable you to understand the convergence and divergence of therapy and coaching, in practice.

Please contact me to find out more about how to get started with this comprehensive coach training package.

Cost of Three Day Advanced Coaching Skills Programme

The tuition fees cost £800. This fee also includes a comprehensive coaching handbook, and all lunch and refreshments for the three days. In addition, you will receive a 1:1 coaching supervision session with an experienced and qualified coach, to help you to develop your skills, and work professionally as a coach. There is an additional ILM Registration Fee of £80 (including admin processing fee). This fee is charged directly by ILM and is required to secure your booking.

Therefore, the total cost of your training is £880.

Payment is accepted via BACS or card payment via PayPal. 

When you attend a Nine Coaching Masterclass, you receive a 10% discount on the Advanced Coaching Skills Programme (subject to time limit).

About Nicola Forshaw

Nicola is the lead facilitator for all Nine Coaching coach training programmes, and is a BACP accredited therapist, supervisor & University Lecturer, with over eleven years experience as a qualified coach working in private practice. During 2005, Nicola established NJ Coaching, which has featured on Sky TV and BBC Radio.  NJ Coaching has since evolved into ‘Nine Coaching’, an integral part of Nicola’s ‘Nine Wellbeing’ practice. Nicola’s extensive coaching portfolio includes 1:1 coaching & coaching supervision,  facilitation of Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved coach training programmes, and coaching consultancy and supervision services within organisational settings.

Nicola is an accomplished skills trainer, and notwithstanding her academic lecturing career,  has delivered the Advanced Coach Training programme to many healthcare professionals. Nicola has recently consulted on a project to introduce coaching within medicine, and this work has been featured in BACP’s Coaching Today journal. 

In addition to therapy practice and teaching, Nicola works for the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), as a Professional Standards Development Project Manager. This role ensures that Nicola remains up to date with developments in the coaching and therapy field, and that you can be assured that all services that Nicola offers are provided with the highest level of ethical integrity.