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Masterclass Overview

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Are you a healthcare professional looking to expand into the dynamic field of coaching? Are you seeking  the opportunity to challenge yourself to learn new skills, take a new direction & develop professionally? Now that BACP have recognised coaching within the Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (2016), you may be a therapist looking to expand your services. If so, a Nine Coaching Masterclass is for you!

What is a Nine Coaching Masterclass?

The Nine Coaching Masterclass is a one day intensive training event, which focuses upon the identification of coaching skills, and how you can incorporate these skills into your practice.  The masterclass consists of direct teaching, experiential learning, and skills practice.  The Nine Coaching Masterclass offers you an opportunity to add to your professional skill-set, with the added value of providing a self development experience. You will leave the masterclass with the resources to enhance your own performance in an area of your life which you feel could be improved.

Why choose a Nine Coaching Masterclass?

The philosophy of Nine Coaching is to create an open learning environment that is dynamic and stimulating, within an atmosphere of safe experiential exploration. A unique feature of Nine Coaching training is that, in contrast with many other coach training providers, training numbers are kept low. Therefore, as a delegate of a Masterclass, you will never be in a group of more than 8.  On the Advanced Coaching Skills programme, you will never be in a group of more than 6. This philosophy allows you to receive a highly individual, intense & attentive learning experience.

What will I learn at  a Nine Coaching Masterclass?

By undertaking the ILM approved Nine Coaching Masterclass:

  • You will define what coaching is and how it differs from therapy & other related activity
  • You will transform existing skills into coaching skills
  • You will facilitate yourself & others in setting personal goals

However, the informal benefits of attending a Coaching Masterclass include the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, enhance your personal achievement & have a bit of fun!

Where will the Nine Coaching Masterclasses take place?

Most masterclasses take place in the north west region: Chester City Centre and the Wirral.

However, there are plans to expand the masterclasses into the London area. Please contact Nicola to find out more.

If you are an organisation seeking to invest in the potential of your teams by incorporating coaching skills,  then Nine Coaching masterclasses can be delivered on site. Please contact Nicola to discuss your requirements.

Whats ILM?

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  • “Well organised, informative and kept me interested all day”

  • “Would recommend, very professional”

  • “Excellent & Stimulating. I enjoyed it and it passed too quickly”

  • “You have a lovely manner Nicola; made it enjoyable & easy to learn”

  • “Would recommend the course”

  • “Really enjoyable & informative”

  • “Thank you for a very insightful day Nicola”

  • “Really valuable investment of time, thank you for a thought provoking event”

  • “Shown me how I can integrate (coaching) into my practice”

  • “Clear, structured, informative, very enjoyable”

Who is this workshop for?

Find out if this course is best for you or your organisation
  • You may be an organisation looking to introduce coaching at a taster level without any ongoing training commitment.

    This one day masterclass will help your employees to understand how they can interweave the skills of coaching into their current roles, and transform existing skills and knowledge into the development of a coaching style.   The Introduction to Coaching course offers real value for money as it will help you to evaluate the impact of developing a coaching style within your organisation, with minimum investment. If you are looking to equip managers or other key personnel with the basic skills of coaching, this one day workshop will meet your needs. Should you wish to further advance your employee’s coaching skills, however, the introduction offers a perfect platform to progress onto the Three Day Coach Training Programme in Advanced Coaching Skills (ILM Endorsed).

    Please contact me to find out more.

Interested in the course?

Please fill out the form to let Nicola know. 

You will need to complete a booking form and pay the £80 ILM Registration Fee (non refundable)  in order to secure your place.

Who will benefit from a Nine Coaching Masterclass?

Any counselling, psychotherapy professional, or associated healthcare professional looking to develop their skills and expand their practice will benefit.  The Coaching Masterclass is a bespoke training event that has been tailored specifically for anyone working in this field. Previous participants have included: Doctors, Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Support Workers & Complementary Therapists.

Please note if you are not a healthcare professional, please contact Nicola to find out about other one day taster coach training events.

Please contact me to find out more about how to get started with this comprehensive coach training package.

Cost of the Nine Coaching Masterclass

The Coaching Masterclass costs £85, which includes lunch and refreshments, and a certificate for 6 hours CPD.  Early bird booking discounts are usually offered. As an optional extra, if you wish to join ILM, there is a £49 registration fee (payable to ILM), which offers you an ILM endorsed certificate, and other membership benefits, such as access to ILM Coaching and Development resources.

Payment is accepted via BACS or card payment via PayPal. 

When you attend a Nine Coaching Masterclass, you receive a 10% discount on the Advanced Coaching Skills Programme (subject to time limit).

About Nicola Forshaw

Nicola is the lead facilitator for all Nine Coaching coach training programmes, and is a BACP accredited therapist, supervisor & University Lecturer, with over eleven years experience as a qualified coach working in private practice. During 2005, Nicola established NJ Coaching, which has featured on Sky TV and BBC Radio.  NJ Coaching has since evolved into ‘Nine Coaching’, an integral part of Nicola’s ‘Nine Wellbeing’ practice. Nicola’s extensive coaching portfolio includes 1:1 coaching & coaching supervision,  facilitation of Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved coach training programmes, and coaching consultancy and supervision services within organisational settings.

Nicola is  accomplished in skills delivery, and, academic lecturing aside, has introduced coaching to many healthcare professionals. Nicola has recently consulted on a project to introduce coaching within medicine, and this work has been featured in BACP’s Coaching Today journal.

In addition to therapy practice and teaching, Nicola works for BACP, as a Project Manager within Professional Standards. This role ensures that Nicola remains up to date with developments in the coaching and therapy field, and that you can be assured that all services that Nicola offers are provided with the highest level of ethical integrity.

What are my options if I want to develop my coaching skills further?

The Nine Coaching Masterclass is a great introduction to coaching, and you will take away skills that you can integrate into your current practice.  Should you wish to call yourself a coach, or offer coaching as a standalone activity, it is highly advisable to undertake more intensive training, and consider ongoing CPD and co-coaching supervision, within the wider market.

Nicola offers an advanced programme in coaching skills. This is an ILM externally validated coach training programme.  As a delegate of the Coaching Masterclass you will be offered a discount on any further coaching training undertaken with Nine Coaching.  Furthermore, to keep you in the coaching mindset, as a delegate of the Coaching Masterclass you are offered free access to the ‘Nine Minds’ coaching forum.

The case for coaching in healthcare

Doctors are increasingly becoming interested in approaches to healthcare that encourage the individual to take responsibility for maintaining their own good health, and interventions targeting health behaviour change are beginning to attract positive attention. When encouraging engagement in positive health behaviours, studies have shown that individuals need support to increase their confidence about attaining their goals around managing their health conditions (Ryan & Deci, 2000).  Further research has shown that ‘life coaching’ approaches have demonstrated efficacy in helping individuals to manage health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular health and also mental health conditions such as depression (Newnham-Kanas, Gorczynski, Morrow & Irwin, 2009). Therefore, if you are a healthcare professional, incorporating coaching skills into your practice may help you to increase engagement, and have more rewarding relationships with your service users/clients/patients.

List of References

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Ryan, R.M., & Deci, E.L. (2000). Self-determination theory and the facilitation of intrinsic motivation, social development, and well-being. American Psychologist, 55 (1), 68-78.